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Product Code: m3_bms_stm32
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January 2024 :Beta testing ongoing.THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT!
Cell balancing now working in latest release:)
New update video : https://vimeo.com/886099277?share=copy
Enables the use of the stock Tesla Model 3 battery BMS in evconversion and home energy projects.
Soldering required.
Requires a "BatMan" chip harvested from a Model 3/Y BMS board or HV Controller.Not supplied.
Requires enclosure and header : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32839361268.html
Price includes worldwide tracked postage.
Fully open source project.
Support via the openinverter.org forum.
Resources available on Github:
Hardware : https://github.com/damienmaguire/Tesla-Model-3-Battery-BMS
Software : https://github.com/damienmaguire/Tesla-M3-Bms-Software
Release : https://github.com/damienmaguire/Tesla-M3-Bms-Software/releases/tag/0.03A
Delivery : up to 4 weeks from order.
No tax or other surcharges.
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